Thursday, August 30, 2012

have a doubt here...

leather handbeg..yes a bit pricy but mostly leather beg tahan lama..sometimes banyak yang jual pig skin leather beg wic is HARAM..perasan tak sesetengah tu said it is bovine leather..what is bovine leather? bovine leather is a leather that is made from a cow, ox, or closely related animal. there's many type of leather here :
cowhide leather,lambskin leather,faux leather,patch it ok to use a leather beg(not pig skin type) how do we know that the beg is 100% boleh pakai? not only food ada halal/haram..even accecories,beg etc pun..if the animals tak disembelih,the skin digunakan untuk buat beg ke and lain2 macam mane ye?tibe2 aku terfikir..even cat bulu basah pun kita tak boleh sentuh and actually boleh pegang dogs(dalam keadaan bulu kering)..pigs of coz we cant touch.. can somebody help me with this?

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