Friday, August 6, 2010

i wish i could turn back time....

i wish i was a good daughter
i wish i could turn all bad memories to a sweet memories
i wish i could be someone that she wanted me to be
i wish i'm strong enough to face all this
i wish they lives together till their last breath
i wish i could be a good wife
i wish i could be a good sister
i wish i could be a good mother
i wish i was good to everyone....
i wish..i wish..i wish...
but it's late..time passes by..without i noticed
i'm normal human being..
i cant help myself..i cant control me..
i'm trying to be as good as they want me to be..
i'm trying.....

this is the last ramadhan we celebrate together
this is the last enjoyful aidul ..
this is the last...
i dont know to whom may i tell this
to whom i shoulder to lean on..
to cry on..
to whom that will wipe away my tears..

i'm happy she met someone else that could give
her happiness that she really need to..
years by years she live all alone..
God..thank made her life completed..

but i also wish they never met..
i do love her..i love her so much..
she's my life..she's me..i'm only part of her life..
but for me she's my everything..
nobody can replace her..
she's my hero..
my light when i'm in happiness when i'm sad..
and of course she's my friend..
i wish i could freeze my heart..
stop from beating..breathing..
but i do have a responsible to carry on..
i need to..i must do..

may God always with her..protect her from evil and danger..
i wish she wont hurt anymore
cause she's been hurt for a long time..
i wish she'll love us until her last breath
no..not until her last breath
i wish she love us forever
i wish i could give her happiness that she deserved..

i'm happy that u're happy
but i'm sad to let u go
i feel empty..i'm lost.. half of me gone

no  more u around me..
no more u to help me
no more u to watch him for me
no more u to cooked me a meal
no more u for us to argue
no more u to stay with me
no more..

i wish Allah give more time for  me
to payback all of your kindness..
i cried..i cried behind u
i cried without showing it to u..
i didnt want my tears to stop u
i cried every single day..
until the-DAY
i'll stopped crying coz i know
u are not mine..
u belong to someone else

i'm sorry i wasted a lot of your time
i wasted a lot of your money
i wasted a lot of your tears
i hurts u..
i broke your heart into pieces
i'm trying to glue it back..
by letting u go..

thank god, U replace me myself
u give me my precious
he's my joy when i'm sad..
half of me is gone
but another half of me are still alive..

ibu,thank you so much for all of your kindness
thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful life
you are the best mom i ever had..

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