Saturday, June 5, 2010

the truth hurts

this is a reality..??reality sucks..~based on a true story~it's man fault or the women??okeh,let's start..

one of my cousin(actually not a real cousin) .she's married to my cousin(it's a guy la..)his granny is adopted by my late grand grand mother who has one child only(my grandfather) and (she's chinese..)here the story..when i were small i still remember abg.#$@& married to kak @&&#..and they were so lovey a lovebirds..newly wed aite??and she was so damned pretty same goes to abg.#$@& he's so handsome yet a tall man a have a fair skin..they had three bots for now.the eldest is standard 6 i think..and kak @&&# is a banker..she start as a clerk in one of the famous bank and for now she is officer or manager..i'm not so sure.
but they had a good life..a big car..a quite big house(double story kot and corner lot.)they seems very loving but only god knows the painful she had.abg#$@& have another women in his life..i donoe either he's married to another or not..he's not gartefull to god..have such a beutifull wife,adoreable kids and (his wife actually paid their house..)he's stink!!he's the stupidest man in he world.u know what he told people why is he getting another woman/girl?because his wife not good in intimate relationship..what a stupid excuses..of course man..she's giving birth to 3 boys..what do him expected?or else his taking care of the children..bullshit man.
i'm really pissed off rite now..when my mom told me about their problem,i was so la kan.they seems perfect couple.and what makes me really pissed is he's also a gangster to his wife..he bid,kick and macam-macam to kak @&&# in front of the kids..that's not good.the children will trauma..but he's a good father..what sould kak @&&# do..untill kak @&&# on leave for almost 4months because her urat kat pergelangan tangan putus..she even cannot write or hold a pen..what a life..whatever i wish god show her the best..leave him or guys let's think about our life..we're not perfect..just take what u've got or let it go or take something better?urs?? mine is i'll just let i go..~fin~

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