Thursday, May 10, 2012

jusco day wangsa maju

went out early! by 9 am dah keluar son i left at home with my brother..i didnt expect it was crowded and jam like h*ell!! coz it is early in the morning..and tot working days not so much people..went previous jusco members day before and yes in admit it was super pack..boleh jadi sardin but this time silap kira la..and i must be at home before brother going to school! the baby section deals x x beli brg baby..but!! buy haikal swimming suit and bla bla bla..bought for my nephew oso..and i only get pants for my brother..
dekat groceries wallaweh..bump here and there..kena cover perut ni klu x habis kena langgar dgn trolley sana sini.. mostly borong milo 2kg softpack.. it is rm31.99 2kg and somemore dpt 4x 125ml milo uht pack..
it was crazy but then milo not in list(x minum milo) and lain2 the deals was good..mcm biasa need to restock sbb due x lama lagi..and groceries ke apa sume i yg buat.. so need to prepare..
 tengok jam dah 12 and still q.. susah hati..x redeem voucher..straight went back..balik rumah,siap2 kan my son..rehat2 makan2 then keluar balik to do 2nd round.. and lastly redeem the voucher..boleh la dpt rm50..sape nak bg kan 50?

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