Sunday, May 27, 2012

feelin blues?

suddenly i bgn early in the morning today. . . (i mean too early hehehe . . . ) and feelin soooo sad? it normal? while eating orange ( terasa nak mkn before tdo but then tertido ) and i was thinking bout us.. he might leavin us within 2months? owh... ya allah..epatnya masa berlalu. . .so,dipendekkan maybe dlm 1 month? becoz he's too too too too bz. . . this june he's not home for 2weeks +. . he's out of malaysia and this 1 i can handle it. . setakat 2 3 weeks aku ok. but nnt 1year? owhhh. . .  he'll be missed. . . honestly, its not about sex. . . it's just like when u miss someone / when u need him,he'll be there. . to share the the good/bad moment. to comfort u when u sad. . ok,now feelin more blues. . :'( haikal's now getting attached to papa . . (papa die bawak p main golf that day. . sweet memories for him agaknya. . n now everytime papa out nak golfing haikal mesti nangis nak ikut. .) haikal dah tahu papa punya attire bila pegi golf. so dah tak boleh cakap papa pegi keja. sambung balik cerita . insya'allah he'll going end of july tapi that time aku still in confinement. . . hope i'm strong. . . aku mmg boleh handle the kids. . but when u look at their face. . .owh. . . of course teringatkan dia rite?

pss....that day aku berbual dgn haikal how if aku keja.. he said ' no, mama can not keja. . mama kat umah kl. nanti haikal nak mama nanti? nanti haikal sedih (pelat2 sket) ' and tanya dia' if papa tak keja boleh? ' diam no answer. . . hahahaha

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