Monday, March 12, 2012

melaka zoo

i thing been here 20years back..dulu zoo melaka not as this nice n cool place to go!!compred to KL zoo,melaka zoo much more better..

it's rainy day.forgot to bring his cap/rain coat.but not heavy raining la..

haikal said like move it cartoon!!so cute..

bat ni besar sgt..

body builder!!!

actually we're going to AFAMOSA.but villa check in is about 3/4pm 
(it is school holiday and packed.) so while waiting for nothing 
we bring the kids to zoo so they cud enjoy their time!

adult ticket :RM10
children ticket :RM6(not sure.forgot the price)
under 3/4 foc

toilet quite clean..tak mcm toilet kebanyakkan tempat yg teruk
overall kids enjoy their trip to the zoo (mama also enjoy!!)

school holidays early march

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