Monday, December 12, 2011

i'm sooo in lurve with

my drinks normally yg i order are hot barli,plain water or hot lime juice.but now it's different...i lurve sweet cold's killing me...n few weeks ago i tempted gile nak three layer tea..tekak ni keep calling three layer tea.three layer tea..where r u..and 1 of the day i went out suddenly nmpk something like three layer tea.terus cari cari and cari lastly dapat jugak....fuhhhhh.......lovely and speechless...

(hasil google) tak sempat snap picture sbb da lesap

before this hubby yg suka oder air ni...i buat taktau je sbb for me its sweet.(jaga badan konon) tapi now berjangkit,n i'm the type da dpt skali enuff la.hehehe...

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